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Greetings to all Vampires of the Rising!

We're Kwaai Software, your app developers. We're a four-person team who began our journey into text-based RPG gaming back in 2009 with our flagship Facebook game Vampires: the Darkside, still available and going strong! Vampires Dark Rising grew directly from this as a way for us to let the Darkside reach the mobile world. We couldn't be more happy with how you've become a part of our world of vampire. Thank you so much for being with us!

You've received an update today that may seem like only yet another bug fixer, but included with the fixes are small preparations for future features. We'll touch on that more in a moment. For now, please note that the Device Compatibility List has been updated. We are no longer supporting Android devices running OS versions lower than 4.1 Jellybean. This was a necessary change in order to keep VDR running smoothly as we head into Android version 8. Please take a glance through the compatibility list if you're experiencing issues.

Please note that we have chosen not to deprecate the previous version. As such, if you're using an Android OS that has been deprecated from our compatibility list, you may choose not to update to the current version and continue to play. We do not recommend this, and should you choose to do so we will be unable to offer you technical assistance.

As a small development team, making progress between two apps takes some time. We appreciate how patient you've been and the many words of encouragement in the reviews. We do indeed have more to give you!

First, it may help you to know that the features you're currently using have been built first in our Facebook version of the game, then streamlined and refined to meet the ease of use required in mobile gaming. Your future features are being handled the same way. It gives us the opportunity to take in community reaction and decide how valuable the features will be to you on mobile.

On that note, first in line we're expecting to bring you a form of Crafting called Necromagical Fusion, where you'll be able to take collectables and powers you've discovered to create new, even more powerful abilities. Some of you may have noticed our updated VDR Social+ Page (accessible from your ingame home screen), where we've listed a few new sections, including a Team vs Team style event. These Live Team PvP Battle events are coming in the near future, too!

We've got a lot of plans for VDR. So many in fact that we're currently constructing a project roadmap right here on the CSD for you to be able to see all we have in store for VDR. In the meantime we're tidying up a huge new feature on the Facebook app. When that's complete, we'll be turning our attention to VDR and you'll start to see some really cool things heading your way.

We're looking forward to growing with you and making your Rising experience a feature rich one. We'll be back soon with more!

—VDR Dev Team


10 | 3 | 17


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