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Greetings to all Vampires of the Rising!

Our Community Support Desk has recently been inundated with tickets concerning players accessing one another's accounts and the consequences suffered from it.

We're disheartened to learn that this activity is so prolific, and are taking the time to offer this announcement to inform the community on our stance and how you can prevent it.

We're also going to take a few moments to alert you to the risks inherent. We strongly encourage you to read this article, follow the recommendations, and share it with your fellow coven.

Sharing Your Account

VDR is equipped with an email and password system solely for the purpose of allowing you to play your same account from secondary devices. This is the reason we have not included a Log Out option.

When you sign up to play VDR, you also agree to a TOS [Terms of Service] agreement with us, which explicitly states that only you are allowed to access your game account. This means when you share your account information with another and allow them to log in, you're in violation of the TOS and you could be facing a suspension or ban.

We assume that any household friends or members of your family interested in playing will use their own separate accounts. If you have family members playing your account, this still qualifies as a person other than you accessing your account and you may still face suspension or a ban.

Please note that you can read our TOS any time by pressing the VDR+ button and clicking TOS at the bottom of the page.

Perhaps more importantly, there are numerous risks in sharing your personal account information, such as your email and password used for VDR. If given to another, this information could potentially be used to access other of your personal accounts outside of VDR and cause irreparable personal damage and lead to personal safety issues. If you don't feel that applies to you, know that any given person accessing your account may also decide to delete or otherwise alter your account without your permission and there is very little we can do about it.

As with any online account, if you give permission to another player to gain access to your account, they may also find any personal information you may have written in the game to anyone which could leave you open to doxxing* (the public release of your private information without your permission), which is a massive personal safety concern.

Recommendation for Prevention: Never share your Log In information. Be the only person who access your account. Never write your personal information in the game.

*Remember, the information you share outside the game could end up inside the game. Protect yourself!


Your Account Security & Hacking
In some of the reported cases we've experienced there are accusations of Hacking to access accounts. We'd like to be clear that the security of your account is our responsibility on the programming side, and we can assure you that hacking accounts via programming is not and has not been a concern. We've seen no evidence of it.

However Hacking can also be used to describe someone simply guessing your password. It's here that the responsibility becomes yours. It's up to you to choose a password that is complex enough to keep other people from guessing it. 

The best way to create your password:

  • Use a minimum password length of 12 to 14 characters
  • Include lowercase and uppercase alphabetic characters, numbers and symbols
  • Generate passwords randomly where feasible

Our TOS indeed also covers hacking, by all its definitions. If you have been caught hacking you will likely face an immediate ban, and any other accounts associated to you could also be suspended. We are able to track interactions between users and their accounts and can indeed discern when users from one location are logging into an account on a device in another location.

If you ever find cause to think that your VDR account email and password have been hacked, or see suspicious activity on your account, we strongly encourage you to create a new Ticket Request with the CSD immediately so it can be investigated. If you have lost your password, please use the Password Recovery form.

Recommendation for Prevention: Create a password that is too difficult to guess. Remain vigilant about suspicious activity on your account.

Authorizing Devices

Part of our offer of account security to you is in Device Authorization. We offer this as A) a means for you to know whether your device has been accessed by another, and B) to let you approve a new device if you've upgraded or are simply adding the game to another device that you own. In the case of Account Sharing, choosing to authorize a device that isn't yours extends the risk factor for you and takes away even more of our ability to help you should your account suffer from an unauthorized user.

While we're currently looking into ways to improve our device authorization system, in the meantime we'd like you to please be very careful when choosing to authorize a new device.

Recommendation for Prevention: Never authorize a device that isn't yours.

We hope that having a better understanding of how to responsibly handle and protect your accounts will aid you in the prevention of the myriad consequences that could come from these scenarios. We'd also like to press upon you once again the importance of privacy in the digital age. VDR may be just entertainment, but as with anything online it is entertainment which holds you as the key.

Fight hard, Happy hunting, and Play Safe!

—VDR Dev Team

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    Thank you for this announcement.

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    I've never had an issue probably because I don't like giving out my email address to people for this exact reason and I use one device for all my games thxs for this though means you're listening to us

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