What are the objective(s) of the game?

To be the fiercest vampire in the Rising!!

Ways to achieve this can include:

  • Character Level - (Being the highest level in the game)
  • Strongest Defensive Vampire - (Being unable to be beaten in a fight)
  • Strongest Offensive Vampire - (Being able to beat any player in the game)
  • Powers - (Having the highest powers in the game)
  • Fight Record - (Having the best overall record or most fights won)
  • Hitlist Fighter - (Having claimed the most bounties from the Hitlist)
  • Income - (Having the most blood/slaves)
  • Missions - (Completing the most missions)
  • Achievements - (Having the rarest title in the game)
  • Trophies - (Accumulating the most platinum trophies in the game)
  • Interacting with your Friends - (create your own groups)


You decide the future of your vampire. Choose your goals and Happy Hunting!


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