How do I gain coven?

You are given 5 minions each time you level. Minions are artificial placeholders that grow your coven. You can choose to play the game solo with no "Real" undead friends. (although there are benefits to having some friends)

You may also gain real coven members by using the “Invite a friend to the Rising” via text or email. Other options are to post your “Dark Mark” (your personal Vampire character identifier) on others in game wall, as well as having your Friends Scream your Dark Mark for you to their covens. You may also post your Dark Mark in the "grow" thread Grow your coven - click here

(Max coven taken into battle is 2001 which includes you.) 

Please note:
You may not have more than 100 invites sent out and pending acceptance at one time.
You may not have more than 100 invites waiting for you to accept.

If you attempt to send an invite to a player that has 100 pending invites for acceptance, you will be notified when you attempt to send your invite and it will not go through.

If you attempt to send out any invites and you have 100 pending acceptance from other players, you will be notified that you have reached your max invites sent out.

The max on both has been put into place as of 5/5/14.
Invites will expire after 7 days. Each day, at reset, any invites that are over 7 days old will be deleted automagically.



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