How do I fight?

There are a couple ways to use your Rage to fight. You can choose to Attack or Maul.

To attack, press the Attack button under any vampires name on the fight list.
An attack uses (1) rage per, and the damage from your attacks is based on a combination of your SP allocation and current Powers.

To maul, press the Maul button under the graphic of any maulable opponent.
Mauling uses (5) rage per, and offers increased XP from a normal attack.

Any form of attack (including mauling) in VDR will deplete health from your oppnent as well as you. This will require Healing... leaving all battles to be a variable see-saw of attacking and healing.

To heal, you must return to the homepage to access the heal button (or the Heal button on the Extended Action Bar), or alternately, if you've purchsed the Gesture Control addon, you can use a simple gesture command to heal.


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