How does the hitlist work?

For a red blood fee* (bounty), any Vampire can be placed on the hitlist.

Once on the list, all other vampires can attack and kill for you. The vampire who succeeds in killing them receives the red blood bounty. You may also attack and kill them yourself once you've listed them, and collect your set bounty back. This is known as a self-claimed bounty.

To put a vampire on the hitlist, visit their profile page and press the Hitlist button, then choose whether the default bounty amount is enough, or whether you'd like to raise the bounty amount. Default bounty amounts vary from vampire to vampire, and you cannot use less than the default bounty.

On the Hitlist, attacks work the same as the Fight list, with (1) rage per attack.

*Please note that the bounty fee will be taken from your unbanked red blood.

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