What are Your Dark Encounters?

Your in-game Information feed, called Your Dark Encounters, is located at the bottom of your Home page. Any interaction between you and other players is recorded and displayed to you here. You can see who has attacked you, assisted you, hitlisted or claimed a bounty on you. You'll also see any comments left by other players in this area. If someone is requesting you to join your coven that notification will also show up on your home page.

The Dark Encounters Feeds are broken up into 4 different categories:

Combat - Details combat encounters
Informs you of all incoming Attacks, Bounty messages, and Bites.

Assists - Details assist encounters
Informs you of shared Relics, Black Blood Exchanges, Coven assists, Coven requested assists, and assist collections*.

*collections require (10) friends in your Coven.

Events - Details special event encounters
Informs you of new Comments to you, new additions to your Coven, Trophy acquisitions, Trinity assists, and Trinity assist requests.

Screams - Details Coven communications
Informs you of all Screams sent and received by your Coven. *Note: New Screams and Scream replies can be made from here (this costs red blood).


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