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Add Your Dark Mark to the comments below to gain more Coven

Your Dark Mark is the code each player is given when you begin the game. It can be found easily on your in-game Home page, to the left of your Vampire name.

Share your Mark below and others can send you an invite to join your coven in the Rising!

Please note the following:
You may not have more than 100 invites sent out and pending acceptance at one time.
You may not have more than 100 invites waiting for you to accept.

If you attempt to send an invite to a player that has 100 pending invites for acceptance, you will be notified when you attempt to send your invite and it will not go through.

If you attempt to send out any invites and you have 100 pending acceptance from other players, you will be notified that you have reached your max invites sent out.

The max on both has been put into place as of 5/5/14.
Invites will expire after 7 days. Each day, at reset, any invites that are over 7 days old will be deleted automagically.

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  • Avatar
    Rhys H

    Feel free to add me:

  • Avatar
    Kimmie Dalton


  • Avatar
    Dany sZchen


  • Avatar


  • Avatar
    Jahmal C. Kirkwood

    Add me please ZBDFLC

  • Avatar
    Maggi Bailey


  • Avatar
    Kendall Melton

    Add me please ZBDFLT :-)

  • Avatar
    Contessa Angel


  • Avatar
    Christal Kitto


  • Avatar
    Brian Rathbun


  • Avatar
    W Payne


  • Avatar
    Aisa Anaideia

    Add me if you'd like...

  • Avatar
    Jessica Rovers


  • Avatar
    Dark Goku

    My Dark Mark ZBDFWX
    Hello Every1!!!!!
    i m sure u r enjoying the all NEW VDR..
    I am also checking it out..
    so pls join me if u can so that we as a coven can gather ultimate power.

  • Avatar
    Donna Davis

    add mehh ZBDFFD

  • Avatar
    Kerry Allen

    Feel free to add me ZBDFFJ

  • Avatar

    ZBDFRM add away...

  • Avatar
    sarah mathews

    ZBDLGQ add me

  • Avatar
    Terri Tyson

    ZBDLMH - add me

  • Avatar
    Robert Williamson

    I cannot give you the sunset
    But I can give you the darkness

  • Avatar
    GATORZ Face ThuggZ

    Please Add Me Add Me zbdfqz

  • Avatar

    Please add me ZBDLMF

  • Avatar
    GATORZ Face ThuggZ

    ZBDFCb Suzanne Marsico - Siberian Empress
    ZBDFCl Carrie Anne
    ZBDFCs Xenia Kesisoglou
    ZBDFCw Lisa Thompson MadMoxxi

    ZBDFDc Maggi Bailey GD~Mystafyi~ GD
    ZBDFDg Lela Manoela Lady Lela
    ZBDFDh Wiehahn Mundey
    ZBDFDk Amber M McKinnley Angel of chaos
    ZBDFDm Raven Rikku
    ZBDFDn Jean Baptiste Grenouille
    ZBDFDp Fred Hannan
    ZBDFDv Kimmie Dalton Queen Boudicca
    ZBDFDx Contessa Angel

    ZBDFFd Donna Stone
    ZBDFFh Richard Riozzi
    ZBDFFj Kerry Allen
    ZBDFFk Rhys H
    ZBDFFl Genna Collins
    ZBDFFt Chris Conch Ó Catháin
    ZBDFFx Soteria Tory Parthenopaeus
    ZBDFFz Ana Maceiras

    ZBDFLb Laura Gowan
    ZBDFLc Jahmal C. Kirkwood
    ZBDFLd Ann-Katrin Sandaker
    ZBDFLf Teresa Powell
    ZBDFLj Andrea Lynn
    ZBDFLl Veronica Speir MysticDreamer
    ZBDFLM Elien Declercq
    ZBDFLp Dany sZchen
    ZBDFLs Blazen Hellsfury
    ZBDFLt Kendall Melton KENDRALLA

    ZBDFQb Christal Kitto Tazer
    ZBDFQd Gamer Granny
    ZBDFQg Frances Lawton Maladina
    ZBDFQl Kim Gallagher
    ZBDFQp Rakiel Do
    ZBDFQt Gail Elaine Rhodes
    ZBDFQz Gatorz Facez Thugz

    ZBDFRb Darleen Nichols
    ZBDFRc Daryl Habbershaw
    ZBDFRk Jacquie Shields Lucia Brasi
    ZBDFRl Christopher Young
    ZBDFRm sucidethc
    ZBDFRq Robert Gundog
    ZBDFRr Deyuan Wayne Cruez
    ZBDFRw Diane Healey KillerBlondie

    ZBDFWb Bill Cahill
    ZBDFWc Lori Belmont
    ZBDFWh Ky Nam Lê
    ZBDFWj Brian Rathbun
    ZBDFWt Andrea Young - Lords Angel of Death

    ZBDFXt Vicki Vee

    ZBDLMh Terri Tyson - Shadow
    ZBDLMx Melissa Rose Cordova

    ZBDLGc Alice Storm Please add

  • Avatar
    Nikki Skae-Bradburn

    ZBDLZK Alexandria

  • Avatar

    Please add me ZBDLMF

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Willison

    ZBDLNB Add please

  • Avatar
    Melissa Cleary

    ZBDFQJ - Varaqueen :-D

  • Avatar
    Delilah Dark

    Quick Add Trick: copy/paste a base code, then add a letter of the alphabet to the end of the code. Example: ZBDFDb, ZBDFDc, ZBDFDd, ZBDFDf, ZBDFDg, ZBDFDh. *** Note a,e,i,o,u,and y do not work. ***
    Base Codes:
    1 ZBDFC_
    2 ZBDFD_
    3 ZBDFF_
    4 ZBDFL_
    5 ZBDFQ_
    6 ZBDFR_
    7 ZBDFW_
    8 ZBDFX_
    9 ZBDLB_
    10 ZBDLG_
    11 ZBDLH_
    12 ZBDLM_
    13 ZBDLN_
    14 ZBDLS_
    15 ZBDLT_
    16 ZBDLZ_
    Each base code = 20 invites. Some will be bot codes, which means you now have a list of food when the HL and FL are dry. When you are starving, go to your coven unaccepted invites and feast!

    If you see any new base codes, please let me know!

  • Avatar
    Jon McDaniel


  • Avatar
    Jo Mina

    ZBDFQW :) Please add... Thx!

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