Issues Receiving Favor Points - Purchased and Not Received

FP issues - what should you do?

1) In the event you encountered an error in your transaction where your sale has gone through but you did not receive your purchase:

• Press Home on the Action bar
• Then Press Crypt on the Action bar

When you return to the Crypt page, our systems will check for and repair any orders that may have been interrupted. You should see a confirmation that this has been rectified on-screen, and your Favors should be instantly delivered.

2) If after following step 1 you still did not receive your Favor Points, please check the email address associated with your Google account and verify that you received a receipt from Google Play.

• If you received a receipt from Google, please submit a ticket to our Support Desk, including an unmodified screenshot of your receipt for that order. 

• If you did not receive a receipt from Google Play for your order, please visit the Google Play troubleshooting page.

If you completed a Free, In-game offer and didn’t receive your FP
All of our free offers are handled and completed by Trialpay.

Contacting Trialpay is easy! To access Trial Pay support:

• Return to the Crypt page
• Click "Free Favors"
• Scroll to the bottom and click the Help link
• Follow the Trialpay instructions



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