What is a Gravatar?

Officially known as a "Globally Recognized Avatar" that follows you to any Gravatar supported site—put more simply Gravatar is a free way to upload and use your own images to represent you on the web. VDR supports Gravatar use, and this is currently the sole way for you to change/upload your own images to your VDR profile page.

Gravatar is free for anyone to use, but does require an account setup* at in order to upload your images.

*Please Note: Gravatar is automatically included in every account, but there is no requirement whatsoever to use Wordpress. During Gravatar sign-up it may seem a bit confusing but it’s the best option out there right now for free web-wide avatar hosting, and is used by other popular games.

Kwaai is not affiliated with Gravatar. Please see our TOS for more on third-party websites.


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