A player is harassing me, what should I do?

If you feel verbal interactions with another player are becoming too heated, we encourage you to cease all verbal interactions and block them from your wall. We built the block tool for this exact purpose.

If a player attacks you multiple times, you must remember VDR is a combat-focused game with no rules for number of attacks. Join in the fray by Hitlisting them, and/or ask your coven to aid you in the fight.

As a coven cannot attack its own members, you can always ask them to join yours—who knows, they just might!

We do not restrict game-play strategies, and personal interactions are your responsibility. They are not issues for the Community Support Desk. If your situation is not in violation of the Google Terms of Service, it is likely not a violation of ours either.


Talk with other vamps about this and other topics in our Community Discussion area!

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