What is a BBE and when can I do it?

Black Blood [BB] is the blood of a vampire. Black Blood carries immense power within it, and thus is an extremely valuable commodity. A Black Blood Exchange [BBE] is when 2 vampires drink from each other to increase one another's strength by giving a boost in energy or rage.

Only one vampire needs to perform the action but both will benefit. You perform the action by clicking the BBE button on a vampires page in the game.

A BBE can occur between two Vampires in the same coven, but only once every 24 hours.

You must be 20 vampire-years old to BBE.

If each vampire is over 50 years, there are no age difference restrictions. However, if either of you is under 50 years old, the age difference between you and your partner cannot be more than a 30 years. (example: if you are 33 and someone else is 95, you cannot BBE with that partner.)


  • Your benefit from performing a BBE is a 25% gain in energy or rage for your character!
  • Keep in mind that even though you might have a BBE "Partner" these luscious treats can be stolen by any Vampire in need...


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