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What are Rare powers?



  • Katastrofi

    Do the rare powers build upon each other? Will having more small ones help me get bigger ones when sparring? Do i need my whole coven to have powers or just the fight max of 2001?

  • Elvira F


    You use your rare powers when fighting. Normally rare powers have higher stats than red blood powers for your level. They are also powers that can not be bought.
    By building up on each other - I'm not sure what you mean there. You can collect as many as you can when they drop.

    You need to have your 2001 covered when fighting. Not the entire coven.

    I hope this helps!

  • Katastrofi

    By build upon each other I am asking if having more of the lower rare powers like pressure gauge will help me get better/higher value rare powers when sparring. For example: I have 1 enslave sethian minds. I want more powers at this level. Do i need to keep all my lower level powers that eat up blood upkeep in order to continue getting good high value powers when i spar? Can i get rid of the low rare powers if my red blood powers are already higher? Will getting rid of excess rare powers have a negative effect on my fighting and/or my ability to receive good new powers? I am at full coven. Do i need to keep 2001 red blood powers so the rare ones can be used? I currently have enough red powers to cover the difference between my rare powers and my coven amount. Like 1800 red blood physical powers. The rest are rares. I am going by sparring information but i see many at full coven who keep 2001 of their red blood powers.


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