What is important about my Profile?

This is the page that gives you all the information about your specific vampire character.

  • Player Info Bar
    Contains all vital information about your Vampire.
  • Avatar Image
    Can be changed from the default image provided you have a Gravatar account. Visit to use your own images.


  • Vampire character name
    The name you chose as you entered the Rising. This can be changed at the Crypt for favor points.
  • Your current Title
    Earned by achieving various Trophies as you progress through the game.

Titles will change based on your accomplishments.


  • Level
    Based on your overall accumulation of Experience Points (XP).
  • Age
    Your vampire age is incremented by (1) for each day you log in.
  • Your Sect
    The Sect you chose as you entered the game. Can be changed at the Crypt for favor points.
  • Bloodline symbol

Denotes which Bloodline you belong to (chosen at game entry). Each bloodline has a different symbol and color.

  • Assets
    Includes all of your current slaves, powers and general information of any vampire. You can view any vampire’s Assets page by visiting their profile and clicking the Assets button.
  • Awards
    This page shows your Trophy progress. Accumulated Trophies lead to Titles, which display on your profile page.
  • Skills
    This is where you build your vampire. All Skill Point allocations take place here.
  • Items
    Contains all Consumables you've gained throughout gameplay. These are visible only to you.
  • Dark Rising Stats
    A complete record of your point progress in the game.
  • Recent Messages
    Contains all messages to you from other players.


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