Technical Issues - Game Isn’t Working Properly

Experiencing a technical issue with the game?
Please read through the following troubleshooting guide before submitting a new ticket request


1. Be Sure You Download VDR from a Trusted Source
Official version of VDR are only available from Google Play and Amazon Appstore. If you've downloaded VDR from any other source or site you run the risk of not only playing a buggy game, but a compromised device.

2. Only use a strong Wi-Fi or Data Connection
We recommend only using a Wi-Fi connection to play VDR. 4G connections are a suitable, fast alternative, but data charges may apply depending on your carrier. We do not recommend using a 3G data connection.

While 3G connections are technically compatible with VDr, they are slow and unsteady, and have proven to cause issues with VDR, such as crashing or general-to-severe lag. We do not ever recommend you use a 3G data connection to play VDR.


3. Some Prepaid Devices are Incompatible with VDR
There is a wide range of Android devices and manufacturers in the prepaid mobile device category. Many are compatible with VDR. However because Android is an open-source operating system, there is a proportion of prepaid devices which run modified versions of the official Android system.

When these modifications happen it can cause a variety issues with the VDR app. Unfortunately the range of issues is to diverse to create a compatibility list.

Generally speaking, if you're using a prepaid device and are experiencing the app operating incorrectly or are encountering errors that make your game unplayable, it's very likely your device is incompatible with the app.

We do not recommend using prepaid devices with VDR. The app was built on and thoroughly tested for carrier devices running fully intact versions of Android.


4. Refresh with "Home" on the action bar in-game
Pressing home refreshes the entire game each time you press it.

We've built the Home button in the Action bar to refresh all of your data game-wide. Simply pressing home will often resolve minor issues.

5. Check that you're using the latest Update version
You can see the latest version on Google Play. To see the version you're currently using:

• Open Vampires Dark Rising on your device
• Press your your device's Settings button
• Press More
• Press About

Missing updates happens when:
A) You have auto-updates turned off
B) You have a manual update that you have not approved
C) You have not received the update yet (Google Play can take several hours to roll our updates out to your server)

6. Clear the App cache for VDR
On your device go to:
Settings | More | Application Manager | VDR | Clear Cache

Your app's cache for VDR holds non-persistent storage files that it uses to help you quickly load pages. For VDR, this is mostly images. Clearing your App's Cache will empty out these files, load the most current files, and then re-add them to your cache.

Clearing your cache often helps with graphic and text issues, and has been known to solve some troubleshooting circumstances.

7. Clear your App data
On your device go to:
Settings | More | Application Manager | VDR | Clear Data
Your game data will not be lost, but you will be required to sign in again.

Your app's data contains persistent storage files that it uses to help connect you to the app. For VDR, this includes your login data as well as other important data that helps run the game. Clearing your app's data will empty these files, load the most current files, and store them for future use.

Clearing your data often helps with significant data issues and has been known to solve many troubleshooting circumstances.

8. Reinstall the App
On your device go to
Settings | More | Application Manager | VDR | Uninstall
This will require you to install VDR again from the Google Play or Amazon Appstore. You will be required to Sign in again to access your account.

Sometimes there are connectivity issues during your download of the app (including during updates). A brief connectivity issue during during the download phase of the app (or update) can be attributed to many post-installation woes that have nothing to do with the game itself. Reinstalling has been known to solve some troubleshooting circumstances.


If you've tried all the troubleshooting tips above and you’re still experiencing issues, please send in a ticket to the support desk. Including screenshots of your issues may help us resolve your issue more quickly.



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