Issues with Emotes - Purchased but Inaccessible

Emote Issues - Troubleshooting

In the event you've purchased Emotes and they appear "grayed out" or you simply cannot access them via your in-game menu, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot.

Check your connection. VDR requires an internet connection to access and use Emotes. You should always check your connection first on your device to verify that your WiFi or Data is turned on.

If your device lists that you are using WiFi or Data and you are still encountering this issue, it is likely a connectivity problem. Some geographical locations have poor mobile connections. Try going to an area with free WiFi or any place you know that offers a great connection.

If the Emotes work when you're in an area with great connection, but not where you were when you had the issue, it is a due to connectivity. Unfortunately we can't fix this, but all is not lost. It's been our experience with poor connection areas that many times sending messages in-game will work where the emotes do not.

If this is your experience, you can still use your emotes by simply inputting the short-cut text to the emote you want to use.

For example, let's say this is a message in your Screams:
I love sending a Scream to my Coven (heart)

The (heart), including parenthesis with no spaces, is the short-cut text to the "red heart" emote. Using this method, while you may not personally see the emote generate, those with good connections can.

You can verify this easily by asking a Coven member to check that they see your emote.

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