Issues Receiving Addons - Purchased and Not Received

Addon Issues - What Should You Do?

1) In the event you encountered an error in your transaction where your sale has gone through but you did not receive your purchase:

• Press Home on the Action bar
• Then Press Crypt on the Action bar
• Then press the Addon Gallery button

When you return to the Addons page, our systems will check for and repair any orders that may have been interrupted. You should see a confirmation that this has been rectified on-screen, and your Addon should be instantly delivered.

2) If after following step 1 you still did not receive your Addon, please check the email address associated with your Google account and verify that you received a receipt from Google Play.

• If you received a receipt from Google, please submit a ticket to our Support Desk, including an unmodified screenshot of your receipt for that order. 

• If you did not receive a receipt from Google Play for your order, please visit the Google Play Troubleshooting page.



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