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Greetings to our Rising Community!

Thanks for dropping in! We've got a killer new event type coming for you at the end of March, and you are officially the first to hear about it!

Before we get into the gory details, we first wanted to let you know that we've increased Fight Visibility in normal gameplay. What this means is that depending on your level you should be able to see more opponents on the fight list above and below you.

What levels can your vampire fight now? Read on!

New Fight List Visibility
Opening up your gameplay to new fights and more socializing!

• Levels 1 - 14
—Will see 2 levels above and below

• Levels 15 - 399
—Will see 5 levels above and below

• 401 - 410
—Will see 10 levels above and below

• 411 and up
—Will see levels from 411 and above


Introducing Bloodbath
Many of you are aware we've wanted Team vs Team battles in the Rising, and on March 30 - 31 this will be a reality!

We'll be calling this event Bloodbath, and it will encompass the division of everyone in the Rising into three separate teams. You'll square off against one another on the Fight and Hit lists, each team accruing points to score for your team.

There are new rules, new gameplay mods, and—because it's our first official team vs team event—a swath of prizes to fight for!

All of the details are already available. You can access them from your ingame home screen by pressing your VDS+ button, then head on down the to Bloodbath link.

Alternately you can use this direct browser link: VDR Social+ Page.

Please take the time to read the whole page so you fully understand the rules!


1) Preparing for the Event
Make no mistake: this will be a live PvP marathon war stretching to everyone who logs in on the event dates. It's likely going to be a little crazy, so you're going to want to do some prep before hand, and have some expectations set for yourself.

Know the Event
Read the Bloodbath event page until you're confident you understand the rules and mods inside and out. The more you know the better you'll score. No reason you can't start practicing your relay bounties right now!

Get Your Coven Ready
It is likely that you'll end up with friends and Coven on an opposing team. It would be wise to inform them of the event and that you'll likely need to combat one another. Respectful communication and good sportsmanship is key to keeping your Coven intact through the event!

Embrace Death
Just like any other night in the Rising, getting destroyed and returning the favor is indeed the point, so enjoy it... it's going to come in tenfold!

Get Leveled
Take as much time as you can to get yourself leveled up so you have Skill Points on hand.

Powers, Powers, Powers!
Be sure that your powers are appropriately managed. We cannot stress enough the importance of equipping your best powers to your number of coven. A fresh event-only Crypt power will be available to you at the event start—it's there to help. Stock up while you can!


2) During the Event

The Rising will be on fire with every vampire scrambling to rake in points for categories. Through the chaos, here's a few tips on what you can do aid your team.

Have Fun!!!
Yes it's a competitive team event, but don't lose sight of the fact that it's a game. You're there to have fun annihilating everyone. Keep that fanged smile on while you do it!

Team Spirit
Every vampire matters from the lowest levels to the top. You're all scoring points, so don't give up on your team even if you're not in the lead. The more diligently you play the better your team has a chance to move up a place or take the win!

Expect to Coordinate
As you'll read in the rules, your Screams will turn into a Team-only chat so that your team can coordinate against the others. This means you'll likely be talking with people you've never met—or even your enemies. If someone you dislike is on your team*, you'll want to set your personal grievances aside to be an effective team!

*Don't worry, blocked players will stay blocked!

Natural Leaders Will Emerge
When the bats hit the fan and the event is on, strong personalities and powerful vampire will dominate a team's direction. Aid your team leaders as much as possible. They're doing what they can to get your team to the end goal!

Support Your Team
If someone on your team is having a hard run, help them out! Your team's morale is important to taking the win. So be there in the moment and do what you can to lift their spirits.

Start Spreading the Word!
The more vampire on hand during the event the more fun it will be for everyone! So please do take the time to alert any casual players you may know and ask them to spread the word, too! Clan, Coven, Friends, Frenemies... scream it to the mountains. Literally the more the merrier.

We'll have the official announcement coming to everyone in the game very soon!

Thanks so much for joining us in this announcement. We're looking forward to seeing everyone in the Bloodbath.

As always,
Fight Hard, Play Safe, and we'll be back to bite you soon!
—VDR Dev Team

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