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Anarchy Afterword



  • Ulrik Sjöblom

    Great work devs. Loved the event you rock.

  • Noctifera

    About the anarchy event page... where is it ?

  • Jason

    Hi, Noctifera! Thanks for your question. On your Home Screen is a button labeled VDR+. This will open the VDR Social Plus page in your phone's web browser. When you reach that page, please refresh it to see the latest content. Once refreshed, you should see all of the event documentation (event pages) for each event type and more, at the top. Just tap the button to open and read what you'd like to see!

    These event pages will list the rules, gameplay mods, rewards, and any associated lore. We recommend bookmarking the VDR+ page for easy access.

    Alternately, you may also use this direct link:


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